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Sleep better with a revolutionary pillow customized to your body

Prevent neck & back pain with memory foam that adapts to your posture

Set your pillow’s perfect size & softness with removable memory foam in under 30 seconds

Enjoy comfy sleep with a pillow that offers pressureless support & fresh air circulation

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Why Cloudpillow?

Say goodbye forever to neck & back pain

The wrong pillow is the number 1 reason for neck and back pain, as most pillows do not provide enough resistance to support our vertebra.

Cloudpillow’s highest quality bamboo & polyester memory foam adapts to your sleep posture, aligning the vertebrae with the spine to provide maximum support to your neck & back.

Customise your pillow to the perfect softness & size

We all have different ways of getting the perfect night’s sleep, ranging from sleep posture, preferred pillow temperature, softness and size.

Cloudpillow allows each person to easily adjust its height, size and softness, ranging from ultra-soft to ultra-firm, resulting in a sleeping experience that feels like you’re sleeping on a cloud.

Stay cool in the summer, warm in the winter

As a result of the shredded memory foam, air continuously circulates during the night, providing a refreshing, cooling effect during your sleep.

Our pillows are double-sided, with the striped side ensuring it stays cool on warm days, while the white side provides a warmer texture for cold temperatures, making it perfect for all 4 seasons.

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Set your perfect height

Adjust the softness, size and height of your pillow in under 30 seconds. Just add or remove memory foam to get the softness you like.

Made for All Types Of Sleepers

Cloudpillow’s memory form adapts to any posture, sleeping style and body shape.

Designed for a perfect night's sleep.

Cooler Side

Through the use of its Ice Silk® texture, this side keeps the pillow cool and fresh throughout the night. The cooling side is 70% polyester, 30% polyethylene and is washable.

Inner Cover

Made of polyester fabric with a zip fastener. This section is made to maximize the softness of your pillow and holds the shredded memory foam inside, which gives the pillow its many benefits.

Memory Foam

The main body of Cloudpillow is made of premium-grade memory foam, which is known for its softness, adaptive and comforting properties. This filling can be adjusted to your comfort so that you can personalize the softness and height of your own pillow.

Warmer Side

Memory foam is able to sustain body heat for a long period, allowing you to use the warm side of Cloudpillow throughout the entire night. The warm side is 60% polyester, 40% bamboo and is washable.

Safety Guaranteed

All materials used for the Cloudpillow are OEKO-TEX standard 100 certified. This means that our pillow has been thoroughly tested and contains no harmful substances.


The Cloudpillow has dimensions of 27.5" x 20" (70 x 50 cm) and weighs 4.6 pounds (2kg).

Materials and care

Outer cover-cooling side: 70% polyester, 30% polyethylene

Inner cover: Polyester fabric

Main body: Premium-grade shredded memory foam

Outer cover-warm side: 60% polyester, 40% bamboo

How to wash: The inner pillow cover keeps the memory foam in place and is not recommended to wash. The outer pillow cover, which is what you sleep on can be washed generally at 30 degrees.

Cloudpillow Features

World’s Finest Supima Cotton

Nontoxic, Durable & Washable

Premium Bamboo & Polyester Blend

Hypoallergenic & Recyclable

Cloudpillow compared to your current pillow

Adjustable design to avoid neck & back pain

Posture-adapting memory foam

Pressureless neck support

Consistent air circulation

Designed for all sleeping positions

Finest Supima Cotton

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Customer Reviews

Based on 360 reviews
Diana Russell

Love these pillows. Has a cool side and warm side. Works great and never goes flat.

Annie Edge
Perfect Body Pillow

This bodypillow is amazing and does exactly what I expected it to do. It's not rock hard like the others claim and it's not squishy like a cheap body pillow.Upon arriving it was compacted very much into a box and taking it out it was very flat. It didn't expand much in the next 10 minutes. What I ended up doing was taking all the memory foam out of the pillow and breaking the lumps up in the box it came in. I then put it all back in a handful at a time and voila! Perfectly filled to shape and could handle weight and then go back to form.I sleep with this between my legs every night and it goes back to shape within a minute easily. Would highly recommend

Natasha M
the quality is better then i even imagined

it came safely and securely wrapped tightly in an air tight bag ,sealed from any bugs or dirt, whatever could possibly get on it, absolutely no factory smell, and is extremely fluffy, i will be taking some out so its not to fluffy for my toddler but he loves it very very much, the quality is something you would expect in a very high-end hotel, where you feel like you have to pay to use such nice pillows, really amazing quality!

Deirdre Milligan
I LOVE this pillow!!

I was using a "C" shaped body pillow for a long time but it was driving my husband crazy by taking up so much bed space. I opted to find a smaller body pillow and decided to purchase this one. It came vacuum packed but within a few hours had fluffed up to a substantial size. I will NEVER want to have a different body pillow again. This pillow is perfect for my side sleeping and stays fluffy. I'm a pretty fluffy girl myself but the pillow keeps its shape all night and helps my back substantially. The cooling side feels incredible.Only downside I have is that if I try to sleep with the cooling side down, the pillow will slide off my sheets throughout the night. I feel like this is more an issue of my sheets than the plow though. They are pretty satiny


I absolutely love these pillows, they are comfortable and cooling. I will never go back to regular pillows.